Friday, August 24, 2012

Eid & Hani's presentation at the tekke

Eid was on Sunday. That is the feast after the fast of Ramadan. We got really lucky that it landed on a Sunday because the festivities are during the day and I don't think Iajia would have gotten the time off otherwise. We had Hani's presentation to the mosque as well, since it was her first visit there. It includes giving her a taste of honey while reciting prayers and giving her her spirtual name. The shaykha chose to use the name we gave her, Hannia, which is Arabic for "place of tranquility/happiness". She is a very laid back and happy baby.

Receiving of the honey. 

Hani is watching the whirling dervishes. Can you find her? She is in the upper right hand corner, I am just outside the picture. 

Here we are at the picnic/feast. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bring On the Preschool!

Sigh. The time has come. Noori is three now, and that means off to preschool. It's definitely the best decision for him.. I have to convince myself of that.

1. He is constantly bored in the house. He is totally type A personality, unlike his mom who's B. A little social butterfly. He has done things that make me think he's prone to be a class clown.
2. The kid he spends most his time with is six months younger than he and still talks like a baby. So, instead of the other kid picking up English or Noori picking up Spanish, N comes back to me asking for things by grunting and pointing. Very frustrating! So it will be good to get him away from that influence.
3. I would love to homeschool, and I would, but N is absolutely stubborn about learning. Especially the colors. Outright refuses. He's better with numbers, letters, and definitely shapes, but still not that far along. I think he needs to be with other kids and the teacher in order for him to find the importance in it.
4. The school seems alright. It's a private school. The government schools around here have 30 three year olds to one teacher and that is just a huge deal breaker for me. The other school I looked at has too few. Only had one other child enrolled last I checked. At the end of the previous year, there were only three or four. The school I enrolled him in has twelve or thirteen.
5. While I am still concerned about the quality of the school (though I think it is probably at least one of the best around).. I haven't seen a lot, and since they've been out for summer I can't really evaluate them. So I checked out the ones that are within walking distance to me. And beyond proximity, security is important. Security and safety. As long as that is met that is what's important. And his emotional needs. The learning.. I have no doubt he will learn more than he will if he stays at home with me all day.

So those are my reasons. Beyond that, I can give more of my attention to Hani. I am really excited by that. N keeps me so busy, and then I have "all the stuff" I have to do in any given day. She is such a laid back baby though and takes it all in stride. I am so glad I had Noori first because if I had had her, I would have been really frustrated with N because he is so demanding of attention.

So I'll share with you the cost of school.
All figures are in pesos. 12 pesos to the dollar
Enrollment fee: 1100
Monthly tuition: 1000
Uniform (includes formal uniform, casual uniform, & karate suit): 1800
Books: 2000 (I think this is ridiculous for preschool!)
Medical insurance: 600 (paid once per school year)

Aside from that there is a pageful of school supplies to get: a wooden puzzle, white index cards, colored index cards, jello packet, bag of noodles, crayons, string, paint, 20 bars of silicon for a small gun???? I dunno, I just translated that.., more crayons?, green wax markers? again, doing my best to translate!!!, one meter of green/yellow/purple/or black foam, 5 meters of American paper... ok. 1 liter of glue, dry erase markers, water markers of different colors? two oil markers, ok ok ok, I'm tired now, that is about a quarter of the list. Why can't they just buy the stuff and charge me for the supplies????!!!
Aside from that.. his notebooks are ..
for Spanish... professional notebook with German squares.. orange with stickers of letters on it.
for math... porfessional notebook with big squares.. orange with stickers of numbers on it.
for science... professional notebook blank with no squares... orange
Assignments... French style notebook with small squares... orange
English... professional notebook with no squares... PISTACHIO GREEN.. haha, what if I can only find it in mint?!?!

:::Head desk::

Is preschool really suppose to be this complicated?

Aside from those academic classes- that is, Spanish, English, math, science, there is also 2 hours of computers a week, 2 hours of P.E., 2 hours of Art, and 2 hours of karate.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Noori turns three!

Noori loved his third birthday party! So much so that he is still talking about it. He wants to see the bounce house and his primos again. It was really cool that his birthday fell on a Sunday. We got to have the party in a very nice garden that a friend loaned to us. As I can imagine in any big city, lawns and gardens are a luxury and hard to come by.

The bounce house. 

Dale dale! 

Noori's friends!

The main party table. Presents, cake, party favors (a friend made the Go Diego Go! backpack bags), and dirt & worms.

Iajia went WAY to easy on Noori with the cake smashing! But I guess I can only thank him for that, because it would have been me wiping up the mess ;). And that big pile of chocolate craziness was my attempt at a volcano since N has taken a huge interest in volcanoes recently.

My boy is threenager now!