Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All About Hani

The Stats:

My baby is 12 months now, but still isn't walking. That's okay though. As long as she is only crawling, she is still my baby, my infant. Once she starts walking she will be a toddler, a little girl! So my days are limited.

She is already such a little diva. She LOVES shoes. I have even witnessed her trying to put on my dressier, heeled shoes on her feet.. something she tried months ago, even. At the mall, she was content to just observe... until we walked into a shoe store, where she promptly went beserk reaching for the shoes. She likes puting on necklaces (always with my supervision of course). I can tell she seems to appreciate getting dressed up. On her birthday, she let me get stuff done and she stayed out of trouble.. it really felt like she knew all the fuss was for her. She waved her arms wildly when everyone sang her the Mexican birthday song.

She likes bathes and she is not one to sit in a dirty diaper. When she is dirty she will crawl over to me sit on my lap or try to climb up my leg and then cling to me.

One thing that is sure to get a rise out of her is putting anything out of the ordinary on your head. Even at 5 months she did this, when she saw me with a towel on my head. She is incredibly observant. When I cut off my long hair, she laughed at me when she saw it--- she knew!

Today we spent the day putting in and taking out dominos from lego block windows. Stacking gear blocks. Putting in and taking out clothes pins from a bowl. Pushing her around on a tricycle. Playing with dirt (I was planting herbs). Playing with the 7 year old neighbor girl--- they adore each other. It is really the weirdest thing how Hani just instantly loved her. She will go right to her! Read some flap books.

So though she isn't walking she is making strides ;)lol. She has started standing up on her own, by pushing (not pulling) up on the floor or raised surface. Sh'll stand for a moment before toppling. She also cruises.. but on the furniture, only the slightest bit. She does walk by pushing around some of her biggr toys. I do have a toy specificall for this task, but she likes the current situation.

She is already says words. I'd say she said mama distinctively at 9 months. Then dada for daddy and I think another similiar sound for her brother. She also says, "gracias", "dog dog", "bubble". The other day she even pointed to a stuffed monky and said "ooo ooo ah ah"

At her year check up she weighed 9.5 kilos and if I remember right, she's 72 cm.

Pics later, sleep now!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

We Are Dreamers Dreaming

I find myself somewhat alone at the moment, while my two little ones and the dog are asleep. And I find myself thinking of my grandma. And the thing I think is... I wish she could see me now, I wish she could see me as a mother, and I wonder how we would relate now that I have joined the ranks of motherhood as opposed to being just her teenage grandaughter and then grandaughter in college. She did know me as a mother for a short six months before she left this world, but she was in the throws of alzheimers. It's interesting though, that even then, the mother in her was alive and well and full of love for her great grandson- even though it's questionable if she knew he was hers or not- she just beamed ear to ear when she saw him. 

When she left this world, I had a very small emotional reaction. I actually had a lot of guilt about it, maybe I still do. I wondered if it meant I didn't love her enough or if I didn't need her enough or that I wouldn't miss her enough. But another possibility is that for a loved one with alzheimers, they just slowly begin slipping away from you. Years of slipping. And then for me another possibility is just my own relationship with death. I truly believe that we are just passing by. We are dreaming. Our lives here are like dreams only. We will wake up to a beautiful reality. 

But the last few months have been hard. My grandfather found a new companion, and I am truly happy for him. But it was just so quick to let everything go- every physical memory of her, it seems like he just abandoned. And maybe he was ready, but I guess I wasn't. And it all happened only days after I left Kansas. I had been there for four months just twiddling my thumbs. . . and then I'm gone and can't even go say goodbye or salvage something before it's gone. So for me, that hurts. I know my aunts and my mom got the chance.. but their memories are different from mine and what has meaning to them, doesn't necessarily to me. 

But I bring this all up because I hired someone to come clean my house and cook. And while I was upstairs, she was downstairs AND USED THE CERAMIC BOWL FOR THE CROCKPOT as if it were a pot on the stove and it BROKE. It was my grandmother's. And while I have other things of hers, it was the most meaningful and most impregnated with her presence than anything else. I loved using it, knowing that I was feeding my family with the same crockpot with which she fed hers. And now it's hiding in the back of the cabinet. At some point I am going to have to face it.

I guess in a way I should be thankful it broke. Because it awoke something dormant in me. And suddenly, I feel somehow more strongly connected to her through that thin veil that seperated the "living" and the "dead".   

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Life's a Beach in Acapulco

Finally beach bound! We haven't legitimately been to the beach since I got pregnant with D! We went to Acapulco, which is the easiest beach to get to from Mexico City. It's about 5 hours away on good road. I found a nice deal on groupon and the hotel was right on the beach and we had a nice view of the ocean and the pool. They had a restaurant too. It wasn't a resort, but a small hotel on the beach, so we got personalized treatment. We really liked it and definitely would go back! As you can imagine, they loved it. D loved the beach and ocean and H didn't really eat as much sand as I thought she would! 

Here's the beach babe laying out. 

Her first mouthful of sand. :*-( so proud! 

Drinks! Poolside. Livin' in style. 

Mom on the beach.

And back at the pool!

Dad on the beach. If I had a dollar for everytime everyone was looking at the camera at the same moment I was taking the picture I would have... let me count... zero dollars. 

Strolling the beach. 

Building sand castles... or just piling on the sand. 

To now be refered to as, "la tortugita" The little turtle. 

For the striking similiarity to this wonder of nature: 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Here's to getting back on the blog wagon!

We are back in Mexico again again after a three month hiatus in K,C. I truly love & adore all my friends & family there. You are all irreplaceable.
Coming back was a wierd sensation, kind of dream like. I couldn't believe that we had lived here before & had a routine going.
We seem to be adapting and settling in ok. I sent D to school for the first time since being back. He wanted to go.   I think to perhaps to just send him half days since he seemed to start having problems. 9-2 might be too much too soon for him, so I think I will go pick him up at 12 or 12:30 instead. I'll have to pay the same price, but I want to do what is best for him.

Hani & I got a little sick. Just a sore throat and cough. I think Hani has a bit of a temp. She was tossing and turning and rolling all night! She seems to be adapting well, & for some reason I feel like I have been able to give her more attention here than I did in the U.S. I think because I had a lot of errands & loose strings to tie up that my mind was really busy with that. This morning for breakfast I made her plain greek whole fat yogurt to which I added fresh mango chunks & granola with amaranth. For dinner will be vegetables carrots & chayote with seasonings in chicken broth.

Here is a pic from this morning, D with his dog Truman! He is the best dog ever. Truman follows D everywhere and when D goes outside, Truman stays near him. Truman followed us to school and then went home on his own after I went into the grocery store. He loves all the attention he can get.