Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Bambinos & The Mangey Dog


Noori is potty training! He is in his third week now. I just decided that we just weren't going to do diapers anymore. I don't want to be buying or washing diapers for two & also I want him to start preschool in the fall and he must be trained by then. He's only had a couple of accidents this week and I don't even put him in a diaper for naps or night time. It's really cool to see, it seems like the first really independent thing that he does on his own. Going to the bathroom without me there. 


She is seven weeks as of yesterday. She just seems so huge in comparison to Noori at the same age. She is already out of her newborn clothes and fits pretty well into 0-3 months. She is not nearly as demanding or clingy as Noori was and still is. Talking to other moms who have one of each- all agree that girls seem more independent than the boys. It helps me feel better about my parenting too, because in the back of my mind I felt like maybe I made Noori so dependent (he still doesn't sleep on his own without assistance from me). But I know that's not true at all now. She will fall asleep on her own, many times without complaint. And when she does cry it's just a little bit and by the time I get to her, she's already asleep! And then there are a few occasions where she really demands me to pick her up and help her fall asleep. With N, I can count on my hand the number of times he's fallen asleep on his own. 

The Mangey Mutt Truman:

So this dog.. just showed up on our doorstep one day. He really did. Saturday morning, there he was and he just hung out there. He was mangey though. He really had it bad. Lots of hair loss and bloody ears from the scratching. N started jumping around him and practically on top of him. The dog didn't seem perturbed by it in the slightest. And even started playing with the kids outside. On Monday, the dog followed Iajia to his bus stop in the morning and then came back. 

So we decided to keep him and I took him to the vet the next day where he got a mange treatment bath and some shots. He spent two nights there. All this only cost us $25! From then on, we have kept him in our back patio area and I have been applying a topical cream for the mange. He looks a lot better. Finally, yesterday, I took him back for his appointment at the vet for another bath, and hope that when we pick him up today the vet will give him a clean bill of health.

We named him Truman, after the president, but also after a dog Iajia saw in a movie a long time ago. He seems like he'll be a very nice dog and good with kids! 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

little Hani

Here's a pick of Hani at six weeks!

She has been a great baby. She is really pretty laid back. She likes to grab ahold of my hair and she smiles and coos and even gives little chuckles. She isn't as gassy as she was, she's doing better. But I found out she is  extra sensitive to caffiene so I've had to take all of it out of my diet.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Welcome Back & Postpartum Bath

July 8th. Hannia meets her abuelita. She says she looks just like a Lomeli (Iajia's mom's side)! 

July 8th. Noori with his tios & primos.

July 9th. I finally get my postpartum bath. First, the herbs are boiled. Some of the herbs included are ruda (rue), manzanilla (chamomile), romero (rosemary), hoja de santa maria,  pirul, eucalipyo, & a lot more. Then. draw a bath of hot water and then add the near boiling hot water from the herbs (strain the herbs). Then, hop in naked, or whatever you are comfortable with. Put a stool or something you can sit on in the bath- this is just for if the water is too hot for you to sit in, slowly you can slip into the water as is comfortable. Then you'll be covered with a light cotton sheet. And just relax and soak in the heat. This should be done at night or whenever you plan on not going out for the rest of the day. The reasoning behind the bath is that mother and baby go from being hot during pregnancy to cold afterwards. This sudden change can cause health problems later on. The bath is also said to aid in milk production for nursing mothers.