Wednesday, June 19, 2013

All About Hani

The Stats:

My baby is 12 months now, but still isn't walking. That's okay though. As long as she is only crawling, she is still my baby, my infant. Once she starts walking she will be a toddler, a little girl! So my days are limited.

She is already such a little diva. She LOVES shoes. I have even witnessed her trying to put on my dressier, heeled shoes on her feet.. something she tried months ago, even. At the mall, she was content to just observe... until we walked into a shoe store, where she promptly went beserk reaching for the shoes. She likes puting on necklaces (always with my supervision of course). I can tell she seems to appreciate getting dressed up. On her birthday, she let me get stuff done and she stayed out of trouble.. it really felt like she knew all the fuss was for her. She waved her arms wildly when everyone sang her the Mexican birthday song.

She likes bathes and she is not one to sit in a dirty diaper. When she is dirty she will crawl over to me sit on my lap or try to climb up my leg and then cling to me.

One thing that is sure to get a rise out of her is putting anything out of the ordinary on your head. Even at 5 months she did this, when she saw me with a towel on my head. She is incredibly observant. When I cut off my long hair, she laughed at me when she saw it--- she knew!

Today we spent the day putting in and taking out dominos from lego block windows. Stacking gear blocks. Putting in and taking out clothes pins from a bowl. Pushing her around on a tricycle. Playing with dirt (I was planting herbs). Playing with the 7 year old neighbor girl--- they adore each other. It is really the weirdest thing how Hani just instantly loved her. She will go right to her! Read some flap books.

So though she isn't walking she is making strides ;)lol. She has started standing up on her own, by pushing (not pulling) up on the floor or raised surface. Sh'll stand for a moment before toppling. She also cruises.. but on the furniture, only the slightest bit. She does walk by pushing around some of her biggr toys. I do have a toy specificall for this task, but she likes the current situation.

She is already says words. I'd say she said mama distinctively at 9 months. Then dada for daddy and I think another similiar sound for her brother. She also says, "gracias", "dog dog", "bubble". The other day she even pointed to a stuffed monky and said "ooo ooo ah ah"

At her year check up she weighed 9.5 kilos and if I remember right, she's 72 cm.

Pics later, sleep now!


  1. How has it been a year already!?! These kids grow quick :p

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