Thursday, April 25, 2013

Here's to getting back on the blog wagon!

We are back in Mexico again again after a three month hiatus in K,C. I truly love & adore all my friends & family there. You are all irreplaceable.
Coming back was a wierd sensation, kind of dream like. I couldn't believe that we had lived here before & had a routine going.
We seem to be adapting and settling in ok. I sent D to school for the first time since being back. He wanted to go.   I think to perhaps to just send him half days since he seemed to start having problems. 9-2 might be too much too soon for him, so I think I will go pick him up at 12 or 12:30 instead. I'll have to pay the same price, but I want to do what is best for him.

Hani & I got a little sick. Just a sore throat and cough. I think Hani has a bit of a temp. She was tossing and turning and rolling all night! She seems to be adapting well, & for some reason I feel like I have been able to give her more attention here than I did in the U.S. I think because I had a lot of errands & loose strings to tie up that my mind was really busy with that. This morning for breakfast I made her plain greek whole fat yogurt to which I added fresh mango chunks & granola with amaranth. For dinner will be vegetables carrots & chayote with seasonings in chicken broth.

Here is a pic from this morning, D with his dog Truman! He is the best dog ever. Truman follows D everywhere and when D goes outside, Truman stays near him. Truman followed us to school and then went home on his own after I went into the grocery store. He loves all the attention he can get.