Friday, August 24, 2012

Eid & Hani's presentation at the tekke

Eid was on Sunday. That is the feast after the fast of Ramadan. We got really lucky that it landed on a Sunday because the festivities are during the day and I don't think Iajia would have gotten the time off otherwise. We had Hani's presentation to the mosque as well, since it was her first visit there. It includes giving her a taste of honey while reciting prayers and giving her her spirtual name. The shaykha chose to use the name we gave her, Hannia, which is Arabic for "place of tranquility/happiness". She is a very laid back and happy baby.

Receiving of the honey. 

Hani is watching the whirling dervishes. Can you find her? She is in the upper right hand corner, I am just outside the picture. 

Here we are at the picnic/feast. 

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