Thursday, August 9, 2012

Noori turns three!

Noori loved his third birthday party! So much so that he is still talking about it. He wants to see the bounce house and his primos again. It was really cool that his birthday fell on a Sunday. We got to have the party in a very nice garden that a friend loaned to us. As I can imagine in any big city, lawns and gardens are a luxury and hard to come by.

The bounce house. 

Dale dale! 

Noori's friends!

The main party table. Presents, cake, party favors (a friend made the Go Diego Go! backpack bags), and dirt & worms.

Iajia went WAY to easy on Noori with the cake smashing! But I guess I can only thank him for that, because it would have been me wiping up the mess ;). And that big pile of chocolate craziness was my attempt at a volcano since N has taken a huge interest in volcanoes recently.

My boy is threenager now!

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  1. Looks like a fun birthday party! Your volcano cake is awesome!